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TLD Registration Price / Year Description
Geographic TLDs
USD 10.56
Beautiful Southern island of Japan, must visit beach holiday destination.
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.osaka USD 31.68
Osaka is the center of Western Japan’s economy and culture. Registration is open for anyone in Osaka community.
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.ryukyu USD 10.56
Before the island was named Okinawa, it was called Ryukyu Kingdom.
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Generic TLDs
.accountant USD 14.08
Excellent personal branding for accountants.
.asia USD 14.08 Generic TLD for ASIA (.ASIA policies require the administrative contact to have a postal address in Asia.)
USD 25.52
The perfect space to facilitate the increasingly popular online auction where sellers meet potential buyers.
USD 132.00
Sound can now truly travel around the world with .audio!
USD 14.08
Let the online bidding war begin.
USD 14.96 Its tagline says it all: Nothing personal. Just business.
USD 46.64 "COLOUR is the new black" this year — let them fight it out. Truth is, BLACK is here to stay.
USD 132.00
A super eye-catching domain for the annual shopping event.
USD 14.96 Paint your site with whatever shade of blue you like. Fancy PANTONE 2996?
USD 31.68 Tell the world what's buzzin' in your circles.
USD 10.56 What was that - an idea? soul mates? a mouse?
.club USD 14.08 Find, join, or start a club with .club!
USD 66.88 It’s THE festive season of the year. Get in the mood, and go with the ride with spirit on high!
USD 8.62
The most generic of all generic TLDs — an ever popular choice.
USD 25.52
Behind all successful businesses, there is always a consulting service holding your hands through the journey.
USD 14.08
into the game? show your passion; share your spirit
USD 21.12
Channel that energy of body, mind and souls through powerful dance move to the bigger audience today!
.date USD 14.08
Find your perfect date online with .date!
.diet USD 132.00
Diet is a lifestyle choice. Eat right, feel great and live life to the fullest.
.download USD 14.08
If you offer something for download, this is a great call-to-action.
.earth USD 21.12 the world we live in — love it, save it, celebrate it!
USD 25.52
Imagine a world without engineers - we wouldn't have even made to stone age.
.faith USD 14.08
If you have strong belief in religions and other faiths, .faith is where you can share your message and thoughts.
USD 25.52
Anything up for sale? This is the space where you will find what you are looking for.
.gift USD 17.60
It comes in all shapes and sizes with one special purpose - to make someone’s day.
.global USD 63.36
Become a citizen of the world, and transcend physical borders and cultures.
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.green USD 63.36
energy ・ life ・ health ・ vegies ・ earth
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USD 132.00
Not just a chick magnet, it strums infectious beats that inspire soulful music for all ages.
USD 25.52
Unless you are a German, use this and insinuate yourself into the housing market.
.help USD 27.28
At some point in our lives, we all need help. Crank up user-friendliness a notch and get a .help.
.hiphop USD 132.00
Expressive urban music and dance move that is evolving and reaching new heights.
.hosting USD 396.00
Don’t let your hosting business be buried under generic domains in search result.
USD 14.96 Great TLD for anything information. It means what it reads.
USD 396.00 It’s Spanish for game. Now, are you game?
USD 31.68
Looking for legal advice? Community for legal professionals?
.link USD 10.56 The Internet wouldn't be the Internet without links. Keep linking..
.loan USD 14.08
Uhm.. yes, for any kind of loans
.lol USD 25.52
Get with the lingo of our times. It's also good for you!
USD 25.52
Apparel, financial, IT, manufacturing, or real estate… Where is your market?
USD 16.72 "moe" is the Japanese Otaku culture's slang for pretty or cute. Are you Otaku? Get .moe!
USD 11.00 Networks, networking and Internet — great for startups and social media.
USD 16.72
Look no further - find your inner ninja spirit and connect with other like-minded ninja masters around the world!
.ooo USD 25.52
In the beginning there was O, then O said: "Let there be O!" Seriously, whatever you make of it, there's no denying that .OOO is a catchy suffix.
USD 14.08 A great extension for organisations of all kinds.
.party USD 14.08
Two's company, three's a crowd PARTY!
.photo USD 25.52
Time stops in photos. Share beautiful moments and walk down the memory lane.
.pics USD 27.28
Pictures speak louder than words. Share those pics online for the world to marvel at.
USD 14.96 A colour that conjures up images of eye candies like no other! Register now
.pro USD 14.96 Nothing asserts your authority in your field like a .pro domain. The extension is no longer restricted.
USD 132.00
Location, Location, Location! Sell, auction, buy, rent, and view hot properties online.
USD 25.52
Always the place to wind down after hard day at work or celebrate that big win or lick wound with drinks with mates
.racing USD 14.08
USD 14.96 Bold, dangerous, patriotic — the colour that excites and ignites.
.review USD 14.08
Use .review and share your product/service review online. 
USD 21.12
Bloggers and professionals, write reviews on products and services on dedicated review sites and let it be found.
USD 12.32
What rocks your world?
.science USD 14.08
Fact or fiction, science is important and fun. Go on, experiment a little.
.sexy USD 53.68 Humour is sexy, so are hot pants and beards. Businesses can be sexy so long the X factor is there.
USD 25.52
Social media networks have taken the world by storm so let's take a ride with it.
USD 25.52
It is what makes ideas and innovation come to life.
.stream USD 14.08 This conveys the idea of hyper live content delivered to your audience uninterrupted.
USD 40.48
Preserve the moment for life with ink on your skin and show the crossroads of body and art.
USD 14.08
Private or corporate? Your goods & services can be exchanged at .trade.
USD 14.08 Probably the first (pun intended) generic TLD targeted at the Spanish/Portuguese/Italian communities.
USD 25.52
Finally there is a dedicated space for caring veterinary professionals who help with animal health.
.webcam USD 14.08 Think conferencing & webinars; think face-to-face communication with your friends and family.
.win USD 14.08
Adds a strong positive assertion to any concept
Country Code TLDs
USD 96.80 Country code for Antigua and Barbuda. Registration is open to anyone.
USD 25.52 Country code for Belize. Despite its lack of a vowel, many have found creative interpretations for this highly versatile string. Registration is open to anyone.
.co USD 25.52 Make your company name famous online with .CO — Country code for Colombia. It gives a sense of dynamism and newness to the domain. Registration is open to anyone.
.jp USD 24.64 Country code for Japan.  A permanent postal address in Japan is required. USD 33.44 Second-level domain of .JP for registered company presence in Japan, and one organization can register one domain only. Additional information required. USD 33.44 A dedicated namespace strictly for Internet service providers and network operators in Japan.
USD 47.52 Country code for the Caribbean island country of Saint Lucia. What can we say, it even has its own dialect of French. Registration is open to anyone.
USD 47.52 Country code for Mongolia. Registration restrictions: persons over 18 years.
USD 14.08 Make it personal. Shine the spotlight on you. It is the domain of Montenegro, but it is completely open for anyone to register.
USD 96.80 Country code for the Republic of Seychelles. Registration directly at the second level is open to anyone.
USD 31.68 Country code for the island country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Registration is open to anyone.

* Prices do not include 8% Japanese Sales Tax (applicable to residents of Japan) or Convenience Store payment fee (JPY 160, only applicable in Japan)

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