Transfer Domain

Looking for new home for your domain names? You can transfer and manage your domain names with us.

Before you transfer your names...

For most domains including .COM, .NET, .ORG, .ME, and .CO

In order to process your domain name transfers, your names need to be in following condition:

  • Domain name AuthCode is provided from current registrar.
  • Domain name is unlocked from current registrar.
  • Domain name has passed 60 days since it was registered or last transferred.
  • Domain name has 15+ days before expires.
  • Domain name has no more than 9 years before expires.
  • You have valid email address on admin contact.
For .JP domains
  • For generic .JP domains, we support two modes of operation
    • Domain transfer mode without any change in registration or expiry dates
    • Registrant transfer mode where the registrant, along with all its domains, would be transferred to us. For example, if you two .JP domains with the same registrant in your current registrar, and you wish to transfer both domains to us, you may transfer both of them to us at the same time by transferring the registrant object to us.
      If you wish to proceed with this method, please contact us.
  • For CO.JP, NE.JP, OR.JP and GR.JP domains, they may be transferred without any change in registration or expiry dates.

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Sometimes known as "auth code" or "auth info" or "EPP code", and can be obtained from the current registrar.