Information Privacy Policy

BRdomain Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as BRdomain) creates and provides services to further improve the comfort and convenience of the lifestyles of common consumers, business activities, and the like through the use of highly-unique Information-Technology (IT)-based services, and maintains a corporate philosophy of contributing to society.
Based on this corporate philosophy, we are aware that in performing our service continuously and constructively, information privacy is an extremely critical issue, and we manage the handling of information both rigorously and meticulously. In addition to building the trust of our customers, we establish the Information Privacy Policy below, informing all of our directors as well as employees and keeping this policy in mind at all times; we shall spare no expense in protecting private information.
In light of this background, we declare the following in regards to the protection of private information handled at BRdomain.

Acquisition and Use of Private Information
BRdomain, in addition to our parent company and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as Our Group), acquires, uses, and provides appropriate private information with consideration to the scale and nature of the business of Our Group. Acquisition and usage of private information shall be performed only to the extent necessary to achieve a clearly determined usage purpose, within the bounds of Our Group's legitimate business practices.
Furthermore, usage and provision of private information shall be carried out within the bounds of the usage purpose with the consent of the party providing the private information. We shall not handle private information that exceeds the necessary bounds of a specified usage purpose (Unintended Use of private information).
Handling private information outside of the bounds necessary to achieve a usage purpose shall require the advanced consent of the customer.

Management and Protection of Private Information
Private information is managed stringently, and with the exception of the approval of the customer, we do not reveal or provide private information to third parties. In addition, taking safety into consideration, we employ measures to both prevent and rectify risks such as leaks, destruction, or defamation of private information.

Applicable Laws and Related Topics
In addition to strictly obeying the laws on the handling of private information as well as JIS Q 15001:2006 (Information Privacy Management Systems – Requirements), we adhere to the policies established by the government of Japan as well other standards, and BRdomain handles private information in accordance with company regulations and the stipulations of the Private Information Management System (hereinafter referred to as PMS) established by BRdomain.

Management System and Continuous Improvement of Functions
In regards to the handling of private information, in addition to thoroughly educating all of our employees, including directors, full time employees, temporary employees, contracted employees, non-full time employees, and part-time staff on information privacy, we strive to make continual improvements and changes to PMS in light of changes to the business atmosphere, the results of periodic audits, changes in laws and guidelines, input from our employees, and comments from customers, and we promise to maintain and improve upon the efforts and protective actions in the above section.

Enacted on October 23, 2013
BRdomain Inc.
Privacy Information Management Control Manager
Representative Director Toshiyuki Nakanishi

[Revealing The Information Privacy Policy of BRdomain to Members of the General Public]
In addition to making sure that all employees (including directors) of BRdomain are thoroughly aware of this policy, by revealing and announcing the policy on the BRdomain's website, we provide a means for members of the general public to have access to the policy.

[Contact us with Complaints, etc. with Our Handling of Private Information Here]
For correspondence on complaints, disclosure demands, revisions, eliminations, etc. in regards to BRdomain's handling of private information, please contact us at the following location:

BRdomain Inc. Privacy Information Support Contact
Manager Yasuyo Uchida
Address KRP Building 2, 134 Minami-cho, Chudoji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
600-8813 Japan
Phone 075-925-7322